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We work with you to review and improve your website and marketing strategy and help you plan for the future with realistic objectives and schedules.

Game Middleware

Legacy Software Group is leading the third-party middleware for video games. We provide experiences to the end-user through unique software innovation, with attention to detail, and the best customer service. Our middleware is able to go onto the web platform or application. Supporting, reverse engineering and kernel- and systems-level development.

Social Media & Marketing

Social media is apart of everyone's lives, you need to have an overall strategy to tap into this market. We will help build and review strategy's that can help your business grow on social media platforms. We can help you get the most from your activity.

Creative Branding & Graphic Design

Powerful effective branding and engaging graphic design is the first thing your clients notice. Make sure you stand out from the crowd with some high impact visuals.

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Real time stats

We provide real time stats for your business, we want the best possible outcome for every strategy, and to do this we need statistics.


Web Applications & Programming

We are experienced at integrating technical applications and web systems. Make sure your business is supported correctly and your operations work together seamlessly.


Desktop & Mobile Website Design

We have some of the best performing web developers at hand, clean perfected code with a easy to read web environment. It is always the first priority to do such, as we do not want any new potential clients getting discouraged to look around. Lets make sure you stand out.


Amazingly responsive

If it's web deign or a multiplatform service, you need to make sure it's compatible for every platform not just the one you are building it on. How many times a day do you use your phone as well as your pc? Lets make sure it works perfectly on all.


Community builder

We have been building community's for over a decade, we know what makes a community good and what doesn't. Lets make sure we get it right, together.


Content Creation & Production

Keeping up with the blazing fast.. ever so changing society, we need to make sure the content you are putting out there is right and well documented.



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