This is Legacy Software Group.

We are a software and digital company based in the United Kingdom, we are striving to make sure you get the right project at the right price. We are always innovating and wanting more.


We are a security first company. With our vast experience for both front and back end projects, you can be sure that your data will be protected at all times.

Professional Code

All of the code we deploy to our clients is code that we have written. Everything will be done from scratch, doing this ensures you have the most protection.

Dedicated Support

We work around the clock to make sure you are happy. All support tickets and emails are responded within 15 minutes, regardless of the time and region.

Our Solutions

Our solutions are redefined through experience. Experience that you cannot find anywhere else.

Game Middleware

Legacy Software Group is leading the third-party middleware for video games. We provide experiences to the end-user through unique software innovation, with attention to detail, and the best customer service. Our middleware is able to go onto the web platform or application. Supporting, reverse engineering and kernel- and systems-level development.

Creative Branding & Graphic Design

Powerful effective branding and engaging graphic design is the first thing your clients notice. Make sure you stand out from the crowd with some high impact visuals.

Web Development

We have experience that goes back 10 years. From php, html, css, community based platforms such as IPB, VB and more we are the ultimate solution for your web based projects. Get in touch today for a free quote.

Legacy Software Group

171 Cleveland Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England, SG1 6BX

Who we are